Chin State belongs to the western hill system of Myanmar lying form North to South. The total area is 13,907 square miles and practically there is no plain nor table land in Chin State.

chin state Prominent hill ranges in Chin State are Laitha Toung hill ranges, Inbokalan Taung hill range, Yaunkalan Taung hill range which ran between the Chindwin and Manipore rivers. Summit Mount Victoria is 10,400 feet high. 


Depending upon the dialects they speak, Chins are differentiated as Kathe Chin, Chin ordinary, Skakuki Chin , Northern Chin, middle Chin, Southern Chin etc. There are 44 varieties of Chin languages and dialects. Majority of Chins are Buddhist. Taung Zalet (rhododendron) trees which bloom cordially in early winter are one of the natural beauties of Chin State. Simple and frank chins regard great hornbill bird as the model for loyalty.

The beauty of mist filled Teetain as well as the entire land of rhododendron flowers heartly welcome the union kids and kins.

Mindat Chins, another union nationalities have five ethnic branches. Chin new year festival is held annually in Chin State on the waxing moon of the month Kason, May. And its festival is performed a dance making farewell to the old year and welcoming new year. And wishing everyone new life with new vitality and happiness. These is a dance called Sa Lan which is performed by beautiful maidens.It is the dance to memorize the conquest over the enemies, the killing of wild enemies and to celebrate the victory over the enemies Sa ice festival dances victory over the wild games.