putaoKachin state, which is located in the extreme north of Myanmar lie between the upper region of the Ayeyarwady and the Chindwin river. Kachin State is featured basically with the plain mountain ranges and a lot of summits, big tree forests, cool clear brooks all silence. It s approximate area is 34,379 square miles. Being on an average of 3,000 ft above sea level, the eastern portion of Kachin sSate possesses the couching of Inmaikha and the Malika, the two tributaries to form the Ayeyawady river .The largest natural lake in Myanmar named Inndawgyi, 40 miles long, 70 miles broad lie on the upper region of the Moekaung river in this lake. Myitkyina is the capital of Kachin State. The Kachins, the Shans, Azis , Mine Thars, Liphaws etc are the kachin statenationalities living in Kachin State.Kachins who are one of the union nationalities have seven ethnic branches whose traditional dances are different to each other. There are five dances of Manaw dance performed auspicious occasions. Lawaw San Waysan dance performed for the occasion of celebrating World victory and Sum wat, Junpaw is a traditional dance performed by Lachees of Kachin nationalities are famous