• Mawlamyine
  • Hpa-An

MawlamyineMawlamyaing is the capital city of the Mon State and a big trading centre of Myanmar. The city's population is about 300,000 and consists of Mon, Kayin, Bamar, Indians and some Chinese.

Kyaikthanlan, Mahamyatmuni and the Ziinamanaung pagodas are much venerated for their antiquity. Mawlamyaing is famous for the Transition into New Year (Thingyan) water festival which is held in April for a whole week while the Maungmagan celebration of giving offertories to monks which takes place during October has always been well attended.

Short trips by car to Thanbyuzayat which anchors the infamous "death railway" on the Myanmar side, Setse beach , Kyaikkhami and Kyaikmaraw can be taken from Mawlamyaing, while crossing the river to Chaungzon acquaints one with the enterprising craftsmen of Ywalut and a chance to sample their products.


Hpa An is the capital of Kayin State. The city is connected to other towns like Kawkareik, Hpapun and Myawaddy by roads and waterway transportation. The singularly distinctive limestone pinnacle forming the Zwegabin Mountain provides a dramatic backdrop for Hpa An. The Kayin people are very fond of the color red, which can be seen on most of the men and women clothing. But nowadays, colourful dresses for both men an women are available giving attractive sight and comfort.)